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Free software!

Thursday, January 28, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

For the last couple of months, my software efforts have been diluted by the need to attend to other matters no less important but somewhat distracting. Now I have finally released some software. It is not the whole of SKC++, though. I learned so many things, at a detailed level (mainly about C++), in developing SKC++ that I realised that I had built “one to throw away”, as the saying goes.  The refactoring is well underway and I have decided initially to release some of the essential elements of SKC++ in stages, as library modules which can be used more generally in C++ software projects.

The first offering comprises a couple of classes to make C++ dynamic allocation much more robust. Browsing around, various blogs and discussions, I’ve discovered that many people apart from me have woken up to the dangers of dynamic allocation, as implemented in C++ – especially for embedded and real-time systems. The knee-jerk reaction is to ban the use of new and delete altogether, but that rather cripples C++ as a language. There is a middle way, and I’d like you to try my solution.

Getting the software

If you want the software, to use in a project or just to study, this is how you get it:

  • Go to the Subscribers’ page.
  • Register as a subscriber, if you haven’t already done so. It’s free.
  • Once registered, log in and return to the Subscribers’ page.
  • Follow the links to get the code.

If you don’t log in, you’ll just get a page saying “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria”.

I blogged here in September 2009 about problems and solutions concerning dynamic memory allocation. You can review those articles by selecting the Posting Category “Dynamic Memory allocation” in the right-hand panel. However, things have changed in detail since then and the documentation accompanying the software is more up-to-date, if less copious.

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